Philips Capri Launches QuickLights 180 Time Is Money Tour

Philips Capri, Tupelo, Miss., introduced the Time is Money Tour earlier this year at the Philips Day-Brite Lighting Institute. To demonstrate the ease of installation and other features of the QuickLights 180, The Time is Money Tour consists of a truck and trailer tailored specifically for the product and will make numerous stops across the country in order to promote the product.

The 36-foot-long gooseneck trailer will allow contractors, electricians and distributors to install the QuickLights 180 while learning about the product.

The Time is Money Tour started in Mississippi and Florida and will continue up the East Coast during the summer. The tour also will cover the central portion of the country and will arrive in Louisiana for a week in December. Currently, the Time is Money Tour team plans to be on the road for three years.

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