PG&E Increases Renewable Portfolio with Horizon Wind Energy

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) has signed a long-term agreement to purchase wind energy from the Arlington Wind Power Project, a subsidiary of Horizon Wind Energy. Dubbed the Rattlesnake Road Wind Power Project, Horizon will deliver 240 gigawatt-hours of renewable wind energy annually to PG&E’s customers throughout northern and central California.

“Clean wind power is an integral part of our diverse renewable energy portfolio, which includes hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, wave and biomass resources,” said Fong Wan, vice president of energy procurement for PG&E. “Renewable resources continue to play a critical role in our commitment to provide our customers with reliable, clean, environmentally preferred energy.”

Located in Gilliam County, Ore., the Rattlesnake Road Wind Power Project is currently under construction and is expected to begin operation in the first quarter of 2009. With this agreement, PG&E now has more than 1,213 megawatts of renewable wind energy under contract or delivered.

The contract filed with the California Public Utilities Commission is part of PG&E’s broader renewable energy portfolio. Since 2002, PG&E has entered into contracts for more than 2,700 megawatts of renewable power and has contractual commitments for more than 20 percent of its future deliveries from renewables. According to the utility, more than 50 percent of the energy PG&E delivers to its customers is clean.

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