People Predicted to Secure Their Own Homes

According to SecurityInfoWatch, the do-it-yourself video surveillance market is expected to reach $1 billion by 2012, according to a new report issued by MultiMedia Intelligence.

The anticipated increase in demand is expected to be the result of an increase in the availability of retail surveillance systems, lower technology costs and the development of new consumer-level technology.

"Both home networking and video surveillance are dynamic and growing markets," said report author Mark Kirstein. "The new consumer/DIY IP surveillance camera market bridges these two segments to create yet another promising opportunity." MultiMedia also reported that the worldwide market for IP and networked video surveillance increased by 48 percent in 2007, a figure described as "under-performing" compared to many expert predictions. As a whole, the market for security systems in the United States will grow by an average annual rate of 7.8 percent to an estimated $15.6 billion by 2012.


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