Pedal and Battery Power to Light Up 2010

When the ball dropped in Times Square on New Year’s Eve and the clock struck midnight, batteries powered the 2010 numerals that lit up. It’s a consumer-friendly promotion held for the second year by the Duracell Smart Power Battery Lab in Times Square. The battery power to illuminate the new sign was generated by visitors, pedaling around Times Square in a power rover vehicle.

The rovers operate with rotary technology. Each push of the pedal is converted into electricity, stored in batteries and ready to power the sign.

At the lab, visitors can recharge their mobile electronic devices for free, play the latest titles from Xbox, and take photos standing by a life-size replica of the 2010 numerals.

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Mike Breslin is a freelance writer based in New Jersey. He has 30-years experience writing for newspapers, magazines, multimedia and video production companies with concentration on business, energy, environmental and technical subjects. Mike is auth...

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