Partnership for Solar and Energy-Efficiency Project in California Announced

Chevron Energy Solutions, San Francisco, and the city of Brea, Calif., announced that construction of an energy efficiency and solar project has begun and is expected to save the city more than $13 million.

Chevron Energy Solutions designed the solar power systems and will build, install, operate, maintain, measure and guarantee the systems’ performance for the city. The company also designed and will implement a citywide street lighting upgrade and interior and exterior lighting retrofits and improvements to heating, ventilating, air conditioning and energy management controls.

“This project helps Brea attain early compliance with goals of the Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) by reducing our energy use,” said Brea Mayor Ron Garcia.

“[It] demonstrates how cities and other municipalities can learn from Brea how to reduce their energy costs and use clean, renewable power,” said Jim Davis, president of Chevron Energy Solutions.

The solar and energy-efficiency improvements generate savings to pay for the infrastructure costs and are expected to reduce the city’s energy use by more than 40 percent. Additionally, the project helps stimulate the local economy by providing more than 25 local opportunities for employment and more than 125 indirect jobs with an estimated $3 million impact to the local economy.

The city expects the project to be completed in 2011. Solar production data and other project data will be available on an informational display at the community center and on

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