Osram Sylvania Opens Energy Efficient Lighting Operation

Osram Sylvania, Danvers, Mass, opened a $30 million manufacturing operation for energy-efficient T5 fluorescent lamps in Kentucky. According to the company, it is the first T5 fluorescent lamp manufacturing facility in North America.

The new automated production line will employ approximately 25 people and produce tens of millions of energy-efficient lamps each year, as the company predicts demand growth for the lamps to continue.

“Osram Sylvania is proud to bring T5 lamp production to North America and keep manufacturing jobs here in Kentucky,” said Charles Jerabek, Osram Sylvania CEO. “Our investment in this green technology shows that what is good for our environment can also be good for our economy.”

According to Osram Sylvania, T5 fluorescent lamps are up to 30 percent more efficient than T12 and T8 fluorescent lamp types and are increasingly popular for lighting office buildings, retail stores and warehouses.

Before the establishment of this plant, Osram Sylvania imported T5 lamps from manufacturing facilities in Europe.

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