OSHA Offers Safety Training

Compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations is a vitally important issue, since OSHA can fine businesses and even close them down for violating safety regulations. To help ECs meet their safety objectives and learn more about OSHA compliance, American Safety Training, Inc. holds “Essentials of Safety” seminars nationwide and has released its two- and four-day class schedule for January and February 2007.

Participants can attend for two or four days. Two-day attendees earn American Safety Training’s 14-hour OSHA training card, which exceeds the requirements of OSHA’s 10-hour card. Those attending for all four days will earn a 30-hour training card, indicating they have received this training.

Many attendees return to their businesses to train their own employees, teaching them to apply the seminar’s concepts to workplace issues. Attendees include safety directors, safety committee members, human resources personnel, medical personnel, manufacturing engineers, managers, business owners, and administrators.

The “Essentials of Safety” class schedule and registration can be accessed online at www.trainosha.com.        EC



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