One Secure Solution for Many Locations

According to Security Products, the University of Buffalo sought a video solution to reduce vandalism and theft on campus. However, the university’s campus is spread out over many locations. Milestone’s AProtect Enterprise Internet protocol (IP) system provided the university with the right mix of Axis 216 and Sony DFN-40 network cameras and Pelco analog cameras, which can be converted into digital using Axis 240Q servers and IP software. With help from technology maintenance and other experts, the university gained a system capable of keeping a watchful eye on a diverse and decentralized campus that was cost effective and flexible.

The Axis 216 models are power over Ethernet-capable in that power supplies can come from the same network connection for an IP phone or camera, rather than using power from an external outlet. The university handles about $2.5 million per year in vending goods, and many of those machines are located in remote areas and accept cash and campus cards. The shift from DVRs to IP networks has been easy, and the costs are much lower than the switch from VCRs, which offered lower-quality video. Unlike DVRs, which can break down or ruin hard drives, the IP network has a built-in backup routine to ensure footage is stored and accessible. Additionally, with the impending switch to Ethernet card readers for vending machines, the system will make it easier to identify theft from vending machines.

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