Obama Expected to Spend More to Save

According to the Washington Post, growing concerns over global warming and rising fuel prices are spurring the resurgence of energy conservation programs and the introduction of new light-bulb solutions. Under the stimulus plan proposed by President Barack Obama, the federal government is expected to step up spending on efficiency programs.

California and Massachusetts are among several states to begin requiring power providers to offer discounts on energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances, home energy audits, and rebates or low-interest loans to ratepayers who retrofit their homes with replacement windows, install insulation, or weatherstrip their doors.

Maryland, meanwhile, is using money from emissions-permit sales to power plant owners to offset the cost of energy conservation for low-income homeowners. The state has also required its main utility providers to come up with a list of energy conservation strategies before the end of this year.

In Virginia, Dominion Virginia Power is selling energy-efficient light bulbs and sharing other tips on how to save energy on its Web site.

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