NTC to Offer Security Training

The National Training Center (NTC) announced that it would offer an Internet protocol-video and access control course at the National Training Conference in Las Vegas, Feb. 2–3, 2009.

According to NTC, the network-based security market grows every day, and knowledge in this area is critical to one’s success in this high growth market.

“NTC’s IP-Video and Access Control [IP-VAC] two-day track is intended for the low-voltage professional,” said Bryan McLane, vice president of NTC. “The IP-VAC training program will introduce technicians to the world of networks and IP, teaching them how to apply this knowledge to designing and installing network based video and access control systems.”

National Training Conference 2009 is designed to educate, support and motivate industry professionals. For more information on the conference or the NTC, visit www.nationaltrainingcenter.net.


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