NSi Appoints New President and Vice President

NSi Industries, LLC, manufacturer and supplier of power connectors, lighting controls, wire management and lighting products, has named Randall Parian as President effective Friday, September 16, 2011. Parian has been involved in the direction of the company for twenty years, and assumes the role of President after five years serving as Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Parian has more than thirty-five years experience in electrical products, beginning his career in wire and cable in 1974, developing innovative cable products by thinking as an electrician would. In 1991, Randall joined NSi Industries, bringing the same mentality to developing and selling an array of electrical products through distribution. He began as Eastern Seaboard Region Manager, handling sales for a third of the United State. He subsequently entered the roles of vice president, sales and later executive vice president. Parian’s ability to combine the efforts of sales, marketing and operations teams to pursue common goals is central to the success of NSi and will remain a focal point in the coming year.

NSi Industries also announced the appointment of Michael Lewis, a twenty-seven year Tork veteran, to vice president, Tork, and he will assume full responsibility for operations and engineering for NSi’s largest brand. Lewis will continue to champion the engineering excellence of the brand while leading the adaptation of new technologies to meet increased industry awareness about energy savings.

Initially, Lewis worked as an Energy System Analyst for TM Bier & Associates in New York and started at Tork in 1984 as an application engineer. In the mid-90s, he became Director of Application Engineering and led Tork through the myriad of technological advances impacting the time switch industry over the last 20 years. When NSi acquired Tork in 2006, Lewis was named National Product Manager & Technical Sales Manager, Tork Products. His education includes both a Masters of Science in Energy Management and a Bachelor’s of Technology, both at New York Institute of Technology.

Parian will steer the company along with Victor Hawdon, Senior Vice President and Officer of NSi Industries, and CFO/COO Buddy Munday. Former President Axel Rasmussen will retain the position of Chief Executive Officer, stating that Parian “has been an integral part of the growth and success of NSi over the past 20 years and we have shared the same vision for the future for many years. There is no question that Randall will continue to do an exceptional job for NSi.”

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