Newest NEIS Standardizes Uninterruptible Power Supplies

The newest National Electrical Installation Standard (NEIS) is NECA 411-2006, Uninterruptible Power Supplies; it describes installation and maintenance procedures for static, three-phase, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) rated 30 kVA or more and 600 volts or less.

NECA 411 covers UPS along with related battery systems installed indoors and outdoors for commercial, institutional and industrial applications. These solid-state power systems provide continuous regulated AC power at the output terminals while operating from either an AC power source or batteries. They are often used to support critical functions such as computer data centers and 911 call facilities, which can’t tolerate blackouts and brownouts.

“Power quality is an increasingly important consideration for users of all sorts nowadays in our security-conscious world,” said Brooke Stauffer, NECA’s executive director for standards and safety. “Our new UPS standard will help electrical contractors install and maintain these important standby power systems.”

A version will be available to NECA members and chapter offices for free download at     EC


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