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LED Status Indicator Federal Signal presents a status indicator that joins the utility of a stack light with the attention-getting signal of a strobe light into one highly efficient design. The Unistat status indicator offers four colors and four flash patterns from a single light source. Compact, attractive and easy to install, it is rated NEMA Type 4X and IP66, UL listed, CE approved and CSA pending. Available in 24VAC/DC and 120VAC operating voltages, units are preassembled. Direct Info Number 279. Power Controllers Pulizzi Engineering has released Intelligent Power Controllers, the cross-platform compatible IPC34XX-NET series, for remote power management. The IPC3402 systems are rated for an input/output of 120VAC/20A (16A de-rated) for use in North America and uses NEMA 5-15R outlets. A stand-alone system provides for individual control of eight NEMA or IEC style receptacles. Direct Info Number 280. Hole Saws DeWalt has upgraded its line of heavy-duty hole saws, doubling the selection of sizes while improving durability and cutting performance. Now offered are 49 different hole saw sizes ranging in diameter from 9/16-in. up to 6-in. for cutting through steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, wood, plastic, and other material. Direct Info Number 281. Display Lighting Juno Lighting presents Multi-Spots, multiple aiming adjustable lamps within a single rectangular recessed housing. This flush-to-ceiling rectilinear aesthetic provides versatility and economics for recessed accent and perimeter lighting. Spot, flood, and wall wash light distributions can be created with any combination of MR16, PAR30, PAR38 halogen, ceramic arc metal halide and/or bi-axial fluorescent lamps. Direct Info Number 282. Modular Jacks Get signal reliability and flexibility with Mini-PCI compliant inverted right angle modular jacks (modjacks) from Molex Corp. They provide a platform to the emerging Mini-PCI standard for LANs, notebook computers, modems, docking stations, NetPCs, and set-top boxes. Mounted to a 1mm printed circuit board, these modjacks meet the Mini-PCI standard and other tight applications. Available with or without lightpipes in shielded and unshielded versions, a plug latch on top is provided for easy mating and disengaging. Direct Info Number 283. Load Transfer System ASCO Power Technologies has introduced a soft load transfer system for its 7000 series automatic switches that uses proprietary technology to create a virtually seamless integration between on-site generators and the utility grid. Serving as a true interconnect device, the system is especially advantageous in distributed generation applications, because it creates a gradual power shift as loads are switched from one power source to another, thereby facilitating peak shaving and sharing, net metering, and power resale to the utility. Direct Info Number 284. Clamp-on Multimeters Extech’s MiniAmp series of clamp-on multimeters includes both twin display and single display models. The twin displays allow the user to simultaneously observe both clamp and multimeter inputs on 4,000-count LCDs. This autoranging series is Cat III safety-rated. Features include capacitance and frequency measurements as well as Max Hold and Data Hold. MA460 is a twin display model with temperature. MA440 has twin displays and measures µA for flame rod testing. Single display model MA400 is average responding. Direct Info Number 285. Remote Meter Reading E-Mon Corp. has the CE-Mon Key RM, its telephone-based communications option for remote reading of E-Mon’s automated meter reading (AMR) system. The 14.4k baud modem transmits data automatically collected by system submeters to a host computer for processing and analysis by the resident software. The modem accepts up to three RS-485 input lines from an AMR system, with a maximum cable length for each input of up to 4,000 feet. Direct Info Number 286. Cable Software IMAP Textron has introduced docIT, a cable management software product that is designed for the management of data/telecom information capturing and manipulations. As part of the Textron DSV network and partnered with Microsoft Visio, docIT is ANSI/TIA/EIA 606A compliant. It is also affordable, easy to use, and integrates all systems, providing a state-of-the-art solution that will save companies thousands of dollars in maintenance and troubleshooting costs. Direct Info Number 287. Track Heads W.A.C. Lighting has flexible line-voltage track heads with barn-door accessories. Featured is Model No. 178, a track head with a barn-door accessory, which slips over the lamp easily. The fixture, designed with a low profile, includes springs that hold the ring firmly on the lamp allowing adjustment of the control doors. Direct Info Number 288. Switchgear GE Zenith Controls has introduced Entellisys Express, an open-architecture paralleling switchgear (PSG) system. It interfaces with GE Zenith Control’s automatic transfer switches and controls the electrical output of multiple engine-generators. The system couples typical engine-generator control functions with state-of-the-art power monitoring, power protection, metering, and alarm/event logging. Direct Info Number 289. Pliers Ridge Tool Co. offers its family of Ridgid pliers for professional contractors. The line includes slip joint utility pliers, tongue and groove pliers, water pump pliers, diagonal cutting pliers, hi-leverage diagonal cutting pliers, long-nose cutting pliers, long reach pliers, flat-nose pliers, and linesman pliers. The pliers range in size from 61/2-in. to 16-in. in length. Pliers with cutting and nipping edges are engineered to retain sharpness over a long service life. Direct Info Number 290. Cabling System HellermannTyton offers the GigaBand system of structured cabling products, which doubles the bandwidth of the proposed Category 6 standard (TIA/EIA-568B.2-1, draft 7a). Tested to perform with positive power sum ACR up to 400 MHz, GigaBand offers Category 6 performance. Consisting of jacks, patch panels, and patch cords, the system offers backward compatibility and can be used with Category 5 and Category 5e systems. It is interoperable with other leading manufacturers’ products. Direct Info Number 291. Drill Spotter First Edition Products has the DrillSpotter, an easy-to-use tool for locating the exact drill exit point through walls, ceilings, and even reinforced concrete up to 40-in. thick. It eliminates ineffective methods such as test drilling and drilling blind. The tool aligns a receiver and transmitter through the use of a magnetic field, optical, and acoustical signals. Direct Info Number 292. Laser Level LeveLite’s Fast Level is the next generation of the common 24-in. carpenter’s level. It is a tri-mode tool that is used as a spirit, fixed laser beam, or a horizontal self-leveling laser level. A self-leveling pendulum with an attached laser diode assures the laser beam is level. The level has 40-hour battery operation. Direct Info Number 293. LED Lamps LEDtronics presents DécorLED direct incandescent replacement lamps that combine advanced indium gallium aluminum phosphide (InGaA1P) and silicon carbide/gallium nitride (SiC/GaN) light emitting diode (LED) technology, standard bases, and a design that maximizes illumination. They have a power draw of just 1.0W-1.7W, an 11-year LED operating life and six sunlight-visible colors from which to select. Direct Info Number 294. Cable Puller RP Tech’s Pull-It 3000 cable puller weighs less than 65 pounds, takes less than 2 minutes to set up, and can pull more than 3,000 lbs. It is ideal for tight places, and has two speeds—70 fpm and 17 fpm—so it is versatile for most pulls. Direct Info Number 295. Surface Raceway Hubbell Premise Wiring (HPW) has introduced Media-Trak 7—a medium-sized, one-piece, nonmetallic surface raceway with a double latching cover. This single channel raceway is easy and fast to install and is suitable for both communications or electrical cabling. For data cabling alone, it will hold up to 10 Cat 5e cables while remaining within initial cable fill requirements of 40%. Direct Info Number 296. Surface Racway Thomas & Betts presents a comprehensive, easy-to-install system of metallic, nonmetallic and aluminum surface raceway to meet the full range of power and data cabling needs. Ideal for wiring new office layouts or modifying network configurations, T&B Surface Raceway accommodates upgrades and adjustments quickly, while providing the flexibility and functionality required for virtually every connectivity application. Direct Info Number 297. Cabinet Bud Industries Inc. has introduced an extra large networking cabinet. The Mega Network cabinet features stationary 5U rack mounting brackets for hubs, routers, and fiber optics, and a 2U swing down rack mounting bracket for patch panels. This cabinet accepts conduit and surface raceway, and supports copper/fiber interfaces. Other design features include ventilated sides, an internal grounding bar, reversible key-locking front door, and is wall-mountable on 16-in. centers. Direct Info Number 298. Cable Management Panels Dek presents several additions to its existing range of cable management panels designed to organize cabling while conserving valuable rack space. The dual-sided 3-in. x 3-in./3-in. x 4-in. horizontal management panel is designed to provide optimum cable routing. It features a 1-in. standoff that extends the rear channel providing a “single surface” look at the rear of the rack. New 19-in. horizontal management panels with 20-in. covers extend wire bundle shielding beyond the panel itself. Direct Info Number 299. Transformers Acme Electric Corp.’s line of dry-type isolation transformers, designated the Opti-Miser series, meets the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) TP-1 rating, as well as the requirements necessary to achieve the Energy Star rating. The transformers are available as UL type 3R enclosures with a weather shield, as well as Type 2 enclosures without a weather shield. Direct Info Number 300. Cable Markers VIP Division offers a full range of Grabber cable markers to identify indoor and outdoor cables. Grabbers are constructed of UV resistant, rigid plastic which completely wraps around the cable. The legends are printed in alternate (right side up/upside down) directions for 360° readability. Direct Info Number 301. Power Meters Power Measurement has added two features for its ION-series energy and power quality meters: MeterM@il e-mail messaging and WebMeter web-browser support. The power meters can now automatically send high-priority alarm notifications or scheduled system-status updates as e-mail messages while real-time energy and basic power quality information is accessible from any popular Web browser. Direct Info Number 302. Terminal Enclosures Adalet’s TFG series of fiberglass increased safety enclosures provide explosion protection through design measures that prevent the possibility of excessive heat and the occurrence of an arc or spark from the terminal blocks installed. This protection is accomplished through limiting the number of terminal blocks and current, maintaining proper electrical creepage and clearances, and the security of electrical connections. Direct Info Number 303. Illumination Stability System Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. offers RTISS—real time illumination stability system—a design enhancement incorporated into its architectural microcontroller-based dimming products. RTISS filters out most line noise to the dimmer, ensuring consistent performance despite power conditions. RTISS is an analog filter used by the microcontroller’s timing circuit. The filter is designed to eliminate any frequency content that has the potential to corrupt the timing circuit. It provides stable sync pulses for the microcontroller in the presence of poor power quality. Direct Info Number 304. HID Downlights Lithonia Lighting has redesigned its Gotham 6- and 8-in. HID downlights as part of an initiative to provide uniform performance for all incandescent, compact fluorescent, and HID sources. The redesign incorporates the advanced Bounding Ray optical principle to provide the best downlighting optical control. Optimal glare control and uniform aperture appearance are the result of lamp-before-lamp image and top-to-bottom flash performance. Direct Info Number 305. GPS Receiver GPS Management Systems has released the P-2000 900 MHz GPS data logger and transmitter, a component in their “Eye In The Sky” fleet asset locating, monitoring, and management system. It is designed for “out and back” fleets—those that leave and return to a home office/ warehouse/terminal each day. The module in the vehicle receives and stores GPS position data, speed, and stops information. A small receiver is connected to the home office PC. Direct Info Number 306. Battery EnerSys Inc. has increased the capacity of its Independence PowerLock battery from 110 Ah to 125 Ah, providing 25% more energy than front-terminal batteries with similar footprints. The PL-125 battery is a valve-regulated (sealed) lead-acid battery that incorporates AGM (absorbed glass mat) technology, which retains the acid between the plates to ensure long life during float operation and lower maintenance costs. The battery provides a fast, simple, and safe “plug-n-play” connection to the backplane which eliminates the need for users to attach connectors and bolts. Direct Info Number 307. Bag Bucket The Bag Bucket from allows you to carry up to 60 lbs. of equipment, hands free. The 36 pockets and pouches hold all sizes and kinds of tools, testers, cords, and more. It can be easily carried to the job site either held by hand or slung over the shoulder. It weighs only 12 ounces and stands up on its own. Direct Info Number 308. Entrance Terminals Krone, Inc. has a line of high-density Building Entrance Terminals (BETs) which provide over-voltage protection using standard five-pin protectors. The BETs are wall- or rack-mountable, and can be used anywhere building entrance terminals are needed—and protection of equipment from over-voltage surges and spikes is desired. The terminals meet all relevant safety standards including UL497 and are extremely easy to install. Direct Info Number 309. Test Tools Wavetek Meterman has packaged and introduced a new collection of tools for electrical-HVAC applications. The multi-function test tool kit includes such products as: DM73A—a pen-shaped meter ideal for troubleshooting lighting and production machinery; the AM8—a pocket-sized meter; the 10 XL—a compact DMM with built-in voltage safety tester; the 23 XT—a general purpose electronics/electrical handheld meter; the AD40A—a miniature digital ammeter, 400A AC range; the AC38— a general purpose, AC clamp meter; and the AC65—a true-rms, 600A, AC clamp meter. Direct Info Number 310. Emergency Lighting High quality emergency lighting is offered by the Sure-Lites brand of Cooper Lighting designed specifically to provide users both aesthetics and outstanding performance for architectural applications where appearance is a priority. The sculptured compact design of the ML series is equipped with five different models to meet installation requirements. Output voltages are 6V or 12V, with either lead-calcium or nickel-cadmium batteries and a range of capacities, 12W to 50W. Direct Info Number 311. Home Network System Engineered Products Company has developed the Net-Access System, a home network system that enables the homeowners to create and organize an information and entertainment home network. This modular concept is an open architecture solution for structured wiring designed to simplify the distribution and management of voice, data, and video. Low voltage services can be routed to the system’s communications cabinet for efficient, point-to-point distribution of information, resources, and entertainment. The system is available in three configurations: the Basic Pak, Contractor Pak, and the Deluxe Contractor Pak. Direct Info Number 312. Voltage Logger AEMC Instruments has introduced the Model L215 into their Simple Logger family of low cost data loggers. The logger is the ideal product to capture short-term events such as sags, swells, and dropouts. It samples the input 10 times per second and only stores the data when an alarm threshold is crossed. The 65,000-point storage capacity provides enough memory to store more than 1,000 events. It is powered by the AC voltage signal it is monitoring and incorporates a back-up battery to provide up to one year additional operation and data protection. Direct Info Number 313. Replacement Motors The Rescue multi-horsepower motor from Emerson Motors is available in two types—a multi-horsepower furnace motor (gas or electric), and a multi-horsepower condenser fan motor. Both residential/light commercial motors provide “one-size-fits-all” flexibility when out in the field. These versatile motors give contractors an array of replacement horsepower configurations, plus different voltages, rotation settings, and mounting position options. Direct Info Number 314. Telephone Test Set Progressive Electronics presents the Tele-Mate communications test set, a compact, affordable solution for troubleshooting communications circuits. The set is ideal for verifying the quality of a new wiring installation quickly and accurately. Direct Info Number 315. Master Cabling Sections Chatsworth Products (CPI) presents the MCS master cabling section system family of products. They provide an attractive and highly functional vertical pathway for organizing, distributing, storing, and concealing communications cable between or adjacent to CPI racks. Cable guides in the MCS align exactly with rack spacing, allowing effortless transition of the cable from the horizontal to the vertical pathway. Direct Info Number 316. Clamp Meter Ideal Industries, Inc. presents the 780 series ground resistance clamp meter, which enables electricians to measure ground rod resistance without the hassle of auxiliary rods. Designed for conducting quick field surveys, the meter features jaws that clamp directly around a ground rod for direct reading of ground resistance from 0.01 to 1,500 ohms, as well as the direct measurement of ground leakage current up to 15A. The simple operation requires no leads, auxiliary rods, spacing provisions, or disconnecting of the ground rod. It also offers auto ranging, an audible indication in excess of 40 ohms, an open jaw indicator, and data hold. Direct Info Number 317. Connectors Mencom Corp., has introduced its 19 pole min-series size III connectors. These connectors have a polyurethane body, polyurethane jacketed cable and gold plated copper alloy contacts. The coupling rings are available in anodized aluminum or stainless steel. The connectors are rated from -40°C to +80°C and are oil resistant, non-wicking, and non-hygroscopic. Direct Info Number 318. Clamp Meter The GCM-221 autoranging digital clamp meter with data hold from GB Instruments measures AC current up to 600 amps without contact. The fully functional meter measures AC voltage up to 600 volts, resistance up to 200 ohms, and continuity. The autoranging feature properly selects range for set functions to ensure accurate readings, while the data hold retains displayed value with a press of a button for easy retrieval. The firm grasping clamp jaw accommodates conductors up to one inch in diameter. Direct Info Number 319. Under Floor Support Cablofil’s full line of UFS products make under floor installation fast and easy. These corrosion-resistant products are designed to support Cablofil wire cable tray for any under floor cable management application. Because ground and floor heights do not remain constant in an under floor cable management system, these products are custom made to accurately fit the measurements of your application. All support stands and pedestal supports use the patented FAS style design, which saves installation time by securing tray without nuts and bolts. Direct Info Number 320. Auger Boring Machines McLaughlin Mfg. Co. offers seven versatile models of auger boring machines with bore sizes that range from 3-in. to 42-in. diameter. The McL-12H Zipper is designed for use in limited easement areas, operating from a trench only six feet long with a boring capacity of 3-in. to 12-in. Powered by a 16 hp gasoline engine, the McL-20B has a cased boring range from 4-in. to 20-in. and penetrates the most difficult soil. The McL-30-36B case bores from 10-in. to 36-in. and provides the power to deliver 20,767 ft. lbs. of auger torque in first gear and a forward thrust of 230,000 lbs. at 3,000 psi. The powerful McL-36/42B develops 28,312 ft. lbs. of auger torque in first gear and a forward thrust of 400,000 lbs. at 3,500 psi through triple hydraulic rams. Direct Info Number 321. Restart Protection The Sensing-Saf-Start from jds Products Inc. is an easy way to prevent small machines from restarting after a power interruption. After the power has been restored the Sensing-Saf-Start will not reset until the machine switch has been turned “off.” The Sensing-Saf-Start replaces the power cord on small machines like table saws and drill presses, so they will conform to the latest OSHA and NFPA safety standards. Direct Info Number 322. Cross Fitting Panduit has a four-way cross fitting with bend radius protection for LD5, LDS5, or LDP5 raceways. The fitting is available in two designs and offers system flexibility for low voltage applications. The CRFC51W is a low-voltage, one-piece design and attaches to the raceway without tools or mounting hardware. The CRCX51W-X is a two-piece, power- or low-voltage design that includes a base with alignment tabs for an easier alignment, which provides a secure, professional aesthetic looking installation. Direct Info Number 323. Dome Series Lighting The Classic Dome Series from TSAO is a family of portable, adjustable task and accent lights. Characterized by a timeless contemporary design, each model has an opaque metal dome shade. The family comprises desk/tabletop weighted base and hardwired models, wall-mounted, and floor lights. Each light stem holds a choice of two 40-watt T-10 incandescent lamps with a pull chain or in-line dimmer switch, or two 9-watt PL Series compact fluorescent lamps with a pull chain. Direct Info Number 324. Digital Clamp-on Hioki has developed Model 3281 and 3282 digital clamp-on Hi-tester ammeters using a true RMS level system compatible with distorted current waveforms. These measuring instruments include a peak waveform amplitude display capable of measurements that could not be performed with former instruments, and also a crest factor waveform distortion display, which allows accurate assessment of distorted waveforms such as those which have become problematic in recent years. Direct Info Number 325.

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