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Organizer The BucketBoss rolling tool organizer from Fiskars features wheels and a retractable handle. The organizer has over 52 pockets to hold a wide range of hand tools, a built-in drill holster, drill bit pockets, flapped pockets for added security, and a huge interior for power tools, extension cords, and other larger items. Direct Info Number 221 Fittings Arlington’s Snap2It fittings for non-metallic liquid-tight conduit Type B are the answer to time-saving installations. To install, simply push the fitting on to the conduit to create a secure, liquid tight seal. The ½-in. and ¾-in. fittings save on labor because there is no nut to tighten. Direct Info Number 222 Hole Saws Ideal offers a line of professional-grade hole saws featuring a tooth geometry that promises superior wear resistance, faster cutting, and the versatility to cut wood, plastic, and a wide variety of machinable metals including stainless steel. Offered individually in 51 diameter sizes ranging from 9/16-in. to 6-in., and in handy multi-piece kits, the saws’ variable-pitched teeth reduce cutting vibration, resulting in smoother cuts and diminished operator fatigue. Direct Info Number 223 Four-way Splitter The Siemon Co. has a modular four-way splitter that provides access to each individual pair in a four-pair modular outlet. The splitter converts a single four-pair outlet to four individual one-pair, six position outlets, enabling four unique connections. This is an ideal solution for using one outlet to service multiple telephone, fax, or modem applications. Four icons are included with the splitter for port identification, and the splitter features a universal eight-position plug that is compatible with a wide variety of outlets.Direct Info Number 224 Dead-bolt Reels Vandor Corp. has introduced Dead-Bolt reels, a low cost reel that features a unique stay-tight bolt assembly system. The reels are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate nearly any type material and come fully assembled or ready for assembly. The reel features tapered start holes and multiple tie-off holes to reduce material waste and are available with optional water resistant cores. Direct Info Number 225 Fuses Cooper Bussmann offers a full range of boric acid fuses for indoor applications. They are physically and electrically interchangeable with S & C “SMU-20” products. Specially designed indoor mountings and a muffler are also part of the product line. Voltage classes include 17kV, 27kV, and 38kV offerings. Amperage sizes range from 3A to 200A, in three different speeds: “E,” slow “E,” and “K.” All sizes are available. Direct Info Number 226 Six Patch Panel HellermannTyton has introduced the AlphaSnap Category 6 patch panel, an integral component of the GigaBand Category 6 structured cabling product line. The panel is fully modular and features individual PCB modules that, if required, can be replaced very easily. It also comes with a slide label system which offers a protected labeling area for smudge free identification of the ports. The panel is supplied with rear cable managers, which provide cable strain relief. Direct Info Number 227 Lamps GE Lighting offers the High-Watt ConstantColor Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH), which combines a high color rendering index (CRI) with metal halide technology. The lamp offers a CRI as high as 94, making textures and colors take on a true-to-life appearance. Direct Info Number 228 Compression Tool The Color-Keyed TBM15I 15-ton hydraulic compression tool from Thomas & Betts maximizes reliability and convenience for installers of copper and aluminum lugs and splices up to 1,500 kcmil, as well as various C taps, H taps, and grid ground connectors. Designed with a long, slim profile, the tool facilitates easier access to tight spaces common in cable tray installations, central office applications, and other settings where accessibility is an issue. Insulated with a durable rubber boot for years of use, the tool head features a wide jaw opening that eases crimping of larger lugs, C taps, and H taps. Direct Info Number 229 Software Ballantine & Co. has developed QuickAssist 2.0, a new and improved version of QuickAssist contact software designed specifically to provide project managers an affordable, all-in-one tool for professional communications and better project management. Ideal for small and mid-sized business, the software can store project information, create project to do lists, and coordinate project team communications, allowing all documents to be cross-linked to related contacts and projects. Direct Info Number 230 Jack Hubbell Premise Wiring has released the Xcelerator GX2 jack product offering. The jack incorporates all of the familiar features of Hubbell’s standard Xcelerator jack series, such as the QuickLace termination process, universal wiring format, and superior performance into a product with an enhanced design. Features include white IDC towers that enhance visual contrast and increased tower thickness to provide cable strain relief. A smoke-gray stuffer cap has also been added to provide a positive snap-latch feel and additional strain relief when the jack is installed. Direct Info Number 231 Lighting System The Powerlink G3 lighting control system from Square D helps reduce energy costs and conserve energy by automatically switching off lighting during periods of non-occupancy. The G3 system is unique in that it does not require additional equipment space and can easily be retrofitted or installed into existing panelboards. The system has built-in Ethernet communications capabilities, which allow Web-based control and remote access to equipment information over existing building automation networks. Direct Info Number 232 Ratchet Hytool Featuring an increased application range, custom molded handles, and a warranty, FCI’s Burndy Y1MR full cycle ratchet Hytool is now available. The Y1MR is equipped with four color-coded die grooves and will accommodate a range of No. 8 to No. 1 Cu lugs and splices as well as the related copper C-tap connectors. In addition to standard Red, Blue, and Grey grooves, the tool offers an upgraded combination Brown/Green die groove. The combination groove can be used for standard Brown applications and for crimping a Green YA1CL-type connector with No. 1 AWG or No. 2 Flex Cu conductor. The die will emboss the connector with both the Brown No. 10 and the Green No. 11 indexes for inspection purposes. Direct Info Number 233 Cordless Combination Kit Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. has announced the availability of an 18-Volt Power-Plug contractor cordless combination kit. The kit (model 6310-26) features Milwaukee’s 6½-in. circular saw (model 6310-20) and ½-in. T-handle driver/drill (model 0522-24) packaged in a durable, water-resistant contractor bag (model 48-55-3510). The bag features a circular saw blade pouch accommodating up to 7¼-in. blades, storage areas for the drill, charger and an extra battery, and plenty of pockets for other job-site accessories. Direct Info Number 234 Pendants W.A.C. Lighting offers line-voltage pendants featuring decorative glass snifter styles. The 403 series glass snifter pendants feature brightly colored, high fashion glass shades and are designed to complement both contemporary and nostalgic decor. The colored glass is designed in the shape of a snifter on the outside of its profile, while the inner glass provides “white light” over your table. They are offered in red, blue, and amber and have a diameter of 8-in. and a length of 10½-in. The pendant can be adapted to track systems or used as a canopy-hung fixture. Direct Info Number 235 Tip-replaceable Screwdriver Electro-Safe adds the convenience of a tip-replaceable screwdriver to their composite shaft technology. The magnetic bit system comes complete with four replaceable bits and accommodates most standard hex bits. This tool can be used as a nut driver and features a see through handle that can store up to eight bits. Direct Info Number 236 Track Collection The line-voltage Track Collection from Ruud Lighting offers a line of products that range from the modernist simplicity of the Universals to the sleek minimalism of Gimbal rings. Because transformers are not necessary with these line-voltage luminaires, they provide a cost-effective alternative to low-voltage lights. The large selection of PAR20, PAR30, and PAR38 halogen-lamped fixtures feature innovative switch-design making a more positive contact and eliminating intermittent electrical flow. Direct Info Number 237 Adjustable Box Extender Bridgeport Fittings, Inc. has announced its adjustable box extenders—NMBE-1 and NMBE-2—have earned UL listing for flammability. The extenders are designed for both metallic and nonmetallic boxes and safely insulate electrical devices and enlarge/extend electrical box faces. The non-conductive boxes slide into the main box, helping eliminate damage to drywall or plasterboard. Direct Info Number 238 Speed Plugs Hilti CP 777 speed plugs are preformed compressed insulation, designed to fit securely into top of wall decking. The plugs are faster than castle cutting and conventional mineral wool installations. They save time and money because there is no waste—the plugs provide a secure fit into the flute with no gaps or voids. Offered in 2-in. x 4½-in x 5½-in. x 36-in. and 3-in. x 5-in. x 7-in. x 36-in. sizes, the plugs are constructed with six material, packaged 18 plugs per carton. Direct Info Number 239 Circuit Breakers Eaton Corp. has introduced the Cutler-Hammer Smart Breaker, which combines the functions of a standard thermal magnetic circuit breaker and a mechanically operated switching device, enabling the remote control of electrical loads. The breaker’s design reduces installation time and costs by eliminating traditional wiring practices that use standard circuit breakers, wire, conduit, enclosures and contactors or relays to control loads. The breaker operates by supplying 24V AC/DC from industry-standard controllers. Direct Info Number 240 Punchdown Tool Gardner Bender has introduced the Economy punchdown tool that uses a non-impact compression design to work better than the insertion tool supplied with data connectors. The 110-style data blade terminates Cat. 3 and Cat. 5 data cables to all data jacks and terminal blocks. The PDT-110LC is made of high impact ABS plastic and assures quality connections. Cord Reels McGill 8300 Series cord reels feature a built-in energy-efficient work light with a 10,000 hour, 13-watt rough service lamp. Offering cable capacity up to 50-ft. in an ultra-compact design, the reels precisely and conveniently stores, pays out, and automatically rewinds cable without interrupting the flow of electrical power, enabling it to be employed with moving machinery, as well as by users as they travel from one work station to the next. A built-in ratchet allows users to safely lock the high-visibility yellow cable at any desired length. Direct Info Number 242 Terminals, Splices, and Disconnects Ideal Industries Inc. offers an extensive line of crimp terminals, splices, and disconnects designed for standard wire ranges. The tools are well-suited for OEM applications and general electrical maintenance. Users can choose from insulated or bare ring and spade style terminals, butt and parallel splices, and male and female disconnects. Each feature butted seams to protect against splitting under pressure. Direct Info Number 243 Wireless Networking Agere Systems announced the availability of ORiNOCO Access Point 2000 (AP-2000) which uses Windows XP and 802.1x to provide high security wireless networking. The AP-2000 also provides a smooth migration path to the next generation of high speed, secure wireless LAN technologies. Because the system offers two card slots, a single AP-2000 access point can simultaneously host both 802.11a and Wi-Fi radios, enabling both networks to operate in the same physical space. Direct Info Number 244 Electrical Tools Ridge Tool Co. has introduced a line of nine hand tools designed especially for electrical work. Capabilities of the new tools include cutting, stripping, and crimping of wire, coax, or Romex cable. The new line of electrical tools consists of the No. 46E wire cutter/stripper/crimper, No. 70E coax stripper/crimper/cutter, No. 72E Dual Romex cable stripper/cutter, No. 62R automatic retaining ring pliers, No. 73E wire stripper/cutter, No. 52E wire stripper/crimper/cutter, and a three-piece set of mini cutters/strippers/crimpers (No. 700E). Direct Info Number 245 Male Bridge Heyco’s 10-12 AWG male bridge provides a reliable three-prong plug end for large rand small appliance power cords, power tool cords, extension cords, and power cords of many kinds. This line of pre-molded cord ends allow manufacturers who use the larger 10-12 AWG wires to benefit from the same assembly-time cost savings and product quality improvements as have users of smaller-gauge wires. With the bridge, three electrical terminals can be crimped at once on the assembly line. Direct Info Number 246 Label Identification System The Ziptape Label Identification Systems now offer a line of self-laminating labels in a variety of colors. These easy-to-use labels allow quick, accurate access to the new industry color schemes. Recent changes to the TIA/EIA-606A labeling standards require a label life expectancy equal to or greater than the wire they are identifying and that specific color standard be followed throughout the various levels of communication wiring. The ID systems have a variety of self-laminating label products. Whether printed by laser, thermal transfer, or dot matrix—all labels are durable and easily generated using a variety of software packages. Direct Info Number 247 Cables Communications Supply Corp. has introduced two low voltage composite cables for security/card access and door control that eliminate the need to pull multiple cables for these applications. The composite cables consist of four sub-component cables, are available in both jacketed and unjacketed component constructions, as well as plenum and non-plenum rated versions. The product allows the installer to pull one cable and eliminates termination errors. Direct Info Number 248 Truck-In/Walk-In Ovens Despatch has TA truck-in/walk-in ovens designed to provide process versatility, reliability, and consistency in aging, drying, curing, bonding, finish baking, and heat-treating applications. Well-suited for use in rugged, industrial environments and in clean rooms, these ovens operate at up to 650°F and are ideal for applications that require tight temperature tolerances or uniformity. The UL-listed open industrial control panel can be accessed from the front of the oven to conserve floor space. Direct Info Number 249 Seal The Metraflex MetraSeal 120 is a fast, permanent, fireproof, waterproof, intumescent, mechanical seal that works as a fire stop, filling the gap with a consistently verifiable thickness around any steel, copper tubing, and up to 2-in. PVC/CPVC pipe. Unlike caulk, MetraSeal has no curing time. UL-listed with up to a two-hour fire-protection rating (one hour rating on PVC/CPVC), it has an intumescent formulation which causes the seal to swell and form a hard, crust-like barrier when exposed to fire, holding back fire and water and helping to minimize damage. Direct Info Number 250 Fiber Optic Cable Routing Panduit Corp. offers the FiberRunner 4x4 and 12x4 routing systems for fiber optic cable. The system provides routing, segregation, and protection of fiber optic cabling between and around distribution frames, terminal devices, and splice enclosures. For maximum versatility, the system also allows multiple spill-out options including a spill-over fitting, three-sided trumpet for open access, and inner duct transition to corrugated tubing. Direct Info Number 251

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