New Partnership Provides Technology Solutions for Electrical Contractors

eSUB Inc. has partnered with ConEst Software Systems, Manchester, NH, to integrate their products, allowing subcontractors to migrate information stored in ConEst's desktop estimating software directly into web-based project management provided by eSUB.

ConEst is a provider of estimating and management software for the electrical and datacom industries. eSUB tailored it’s web-based project management solution to address the specific challenges of subcontractors in pro-actively tracking their labor in the field and communicating frequently with the general contractor.

“With the integration of our products, the subcontractor moves information seamlessly from the estimate into web-based project management,” said Wendy Swift, president/CEO of eSUB.

This is about empowering the subcontractor to increase profits,” said George Hague, president/CEO of ConEst. “I think any contractor will appreciate the built-in intelligence, work flow and ease-of-use we’ve designed with this new hybrid of desktop meets the web.”


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