New Jersey Project Would Be the Largest U.S. Rooftop Solar Installation

PPL Renewable Energy announced plans in May 2008 to design, construct and operate a 1.7-megawatt solar-power system for Schering-Plough Corp. in Summit, N.J. When completed, the green energy project will be the largest rooftop solar installation in the United States.

The solar-power system will be built on eight rooftops on buildings throughout Schering-Plough’s Summit campus. PPL Renewable Energy will own and operate the system and supply power to Schering-Plough. The renewable energy credits will be purchased by PPL EnergyPlus, the company’s unregulated energy marketing affiliate, as part of a coordinated effort to increase development of renewable energy projects.

Schering-Plough will use the solar power generated toward its target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 5 percent by 2012. The system will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 1.3 million pounds each year, equivalent to conserving 65,900 gallons of gasoline.

Rooftop or ground-mounted solar panels can significantly reduce energy bills by generating electricity during peak, daytime hours when power prices are highest and the facility consumes
the most energy. According to PPL, Schering-Plough will be able to use the clean energy supplied by the solar
panels to meet about 12 percent of its peak energy needs.

The project is expected to be operating by the end of 2008.

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