New Catalogs Released

U.S. Pole released Cityscapes, a new outdoor lighting fixture catalog, and it is available free to industry professionals. The catalog features the full range of fixtures available from Sun Valley Lighting and U.S. Architectural Lighting, divisions of U.S. Pole.

The traditional Sun Valley Lighting line is known for elegant, historical fixtures specified in civic renovations and upscale urban centers.

The Cityscapes catalog showcases more than 120 fixture styles with accompanying arms, bases, poles and bollards.

For more information about Sun Valley and U.S. Architectural Lighting products, visit the Web sites at or or call 800-877-6537.

Suttle, a subsidiary of Communications Systems, Inc. also released its latest full-line product catalog. Suttle claims it is the most complete listing of Suttle’s products to date. It shows 650 products on 122 pages. The catalog not only provides the latest information on over 100 new products, but also structured wiring application diagrams, online product and training information, as well as an improved navigation structure.

Though the newest version of the Suttle catalog has changed, it still includes information on Suttle’s 25-Year Warranty on Certified Systems, a complete product index, and a handy USOC Wiring Guide. The catalog will also be available in CD-ROM format and online at    EC

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