NEMA Publishes Multiple Standards

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published multiple standards; first, ICEAS-93-639/NEMA WC 74, 5-46 KV Shielded Power Cable for Use in the transmission and distribution of electric energy applies to materials, constructions and testing of 5,000-volt to 46,000-volt shielded, cross linked polyethylene and ethylene propylene rubber insulated wires and cables, which are used for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy for normal conditions of installation and service, indoors, outdoors and aerial.

NEMA also published ANSI Z535.1-2006, American National Standard for Safety Colors, which sets forth the technical definitions, standards and tolerances for safety colors.

The intent of ANSI Z535.1-2006 is to establish a Standard for Safety Colors that will alert and inform persons to take precautionary action or other appropriate measure in the presence of hazards. It provides the precise color tolerance specifications and test methods for proper color usage in safety signs, labels, tags, tapes, as well as any other application related to safety alerting. This standard is not a substitute for engineering or administrative controls, including training, to eliminate identifiable hazards. It is also not the intent of this ANSI Z535.1 standard to replace existing standards or regulations, which are uniquely applicable to a specific industry or use. It is the intent to encourage adoption of this standard in subsequent revisions of other standards and regulations.

A free copy of the standards’ table of contents and scope are available at    EC

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