NEMA Offers Free Lighting Renovations Checklist and Guide to Facility Executives

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) is helping American building owners and operators begin the process of reducing costs and saving energy with a renovation checklist and guide covering all aspects for renovation and upgrades.

The free “Opportunities for Federal Building Retrofits” lighting checklist is a detailed, 18-page guide, covering topics from personal light control to occupancy sensing to load shedding. The checklist gives specific lighting renovation information for virtually every type of structure: office buildings, industrial plants, warehouses, retail and residential. Originally designed for the Government Services Administration, it even covers aircraft hangars and housing. Users are directed to the latest information on energy-saving lighting products, including lamps, luminaires, ballasts and controls.

According to NEMA Lighting Industry Director Ron Runkles, lighting accounts for 30 percent or more of commercial building energy use, and new lighting products can reduce energy costs by 50 percent. The enLIGHTen America campaign promotes the value of modern lighting systems and targets building owners, operators, and executives who are interested in upgrading lighting products in unrenovated buildings.

The checklist is available for download at the enLIGHTen America Web site,

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