Most U.S. Homeowners Concerned About Home Energy Efficiency

RESNET, a nonprofit organization that sets standards for the inspection and testing of the energy performance of homes, published findings from a poll of home-owners’ concerns with home energy efficiency; 89 percent of the respondents value home energy efficiency.

According to the survey findings, fewer than one in three homeowners believe their homes are “very” energy efficient, and most mistakenly identified “older windows” as the top energy-loss culprit. Ninety percent said it is important to consult a professional energy auditor.

Also according to the survey findings, 86 percent of homeowners would trust an energy audit performed by someone who was “certified by an independent national organization” over someone who was not, and 80 percent of those surveyed said that if they were in the market to buy a home, an energy audit conducted by an “unbiased professional” would be important to them.

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