More Massive Power Outages

Another storm has left hundreds of thousands without power; On December 15, wind gusts of up to 80 mph left more than 700,000 electricity customers without power across Washington State.

The winds were so powerful that Tacoma Narrows, Evergreen Point and Hood Canal bridges closed. Most schools across the service area closed, and officials recommended that citizens stay home unless unavoidable because of the high possibility of encountering downed power lines.

“If you can, stay home this morning,” said Ted Trepanier, state traffic engineer. “If you don’t have to drive, don’t.”

In the wake of the ice storm that affected Illinois and Missouri, PSE began mobilizing all of its crews in advance and called in additional help from other areas, some coming from as far away as Nevada and California. To start, they had approximately 185 two- to four-person crews on hand to repair power lines and restore customers' electric service.

Despite the manpower and effort, PSE predicts a possibility of a week without power for some.      EC





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