Milwaukee Security on the Move

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee is teaming up with five nearby counties to buy a network of portable video surveillance cameras to keep an eye on crowds at big public events. Milwaukee and the five counties will share in the possession and operation of the cameras.

One model being mulled over boasts a wireless camera that is placed on a trailer and looks out over the crowd once the trailer is shifted into place. Police can control the camera and watch the footage from distant locations and store the images on computers.

“It’s very, very rapid deployment,” said William Stolte, emergency management coordinator for Waukesha County. “You can set it up, take it down, and move to the next event.”

Some are worried that cameras that are portable are easier to abuse than ones that are fixed; however, county officials main-tain that the cameras can be programmed to erase pictures of the inside of a person’s home. Officials plan on debuting the mo-bile surveillance systems at the beginning of next spring’s outdoor festival season.

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