Mastering Lighting Installation

Contractor: Master Electric Inc, Gladwin, Michigan

Project: Installation of lighting fixtures at Maple Manor senior housing facility to upgrade lighting quality and reduce energy costs

Project Partners: Master Electric was the prime contractor on this project; Standard Electric was the supplier.

Contract Amount: $55,000

Details: Maple Manor in Gladwin, built in 1973, was still using the original lighting fixtures for its residents in the six-story facility. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funded this program to bring updated lighting to the building in residential areas as well as activity rooms and staff areas.

ARRA projects require that materials used comply with the Buy American Act. For Master Electric, verification of lighting fixtures and other equipment required some footwork from project manager Doug Smith and Master Electric’s supplier, Standard Electric. It also meant electricians on the work site checked labels carefully before installing any equipment.

Master Electric had three electricians on-site, providing a complete lighting renovation. They took down all existing lighting fixtures and removed and packaged old ballasts and lamps for transportation to an approved waste facility. Master Electric then installed new energy-efficient fixtures, which are expected to reduce energy costs at the facility. After the installation, Maple Manor repainted around the new fixtures, which was necessary since some were different shapes.

Master Electric installed total of 376 fixtures in the corridors, stairways, parking lot and residents’ apartments. The greatest challenge was coordinating installations around the schedules of the many Maple Manor residents. Smith and foreman Casey Stoike contacted each resident individually and scheduled the work in such a way that the resident wasn’t inconvenienced, while allowing electricians to be productive with the installation.

Timeline: Construction began in October 2009 and was completed at the end of November 2009.

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