Marines Fight Lighting Efficiency and Maintenance Costs

Marines at Camp Lejeune, N.C., are seeing better at night, and cutting electricity usage by half, thanks to new light-emitting diode (LED) roadway lights.

Nearly 1,100 metal halide and high-pressure sodium streetlights throughout Camp Lejeune roadways were replaced with 75- and 105-watt LED luminaires from Sunovia Energy Technologies Inc., reducing energy just below 50 percent compared to the metal halide or high pressure sodium lights. Sunovia delivered the first of the 1,092-piece order in mid-October. The new LED lights are cobra head in style and are mounted on existing roadway lighting poles, saving Camp Lejeune, and federal taxpayers, the cost of installing new poles.

The new LED lamps are guaranteed to be maintenance-free for more than 12 years, dramatically reducing the expense of replacing lamps and ballasts in older technologies.

Camp Lejeune representatives noted that they are able to see colors of objects clearly in the LED light, which was much more difficult in the orange glow of the old metal halide fixtures.

The project at Camp Lejeune proves that, even when the economy is down, projects for electrical contractors are still available with the government looking to invest in becoming more energy-efficient.

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