Lutron Videos Provide Installation Tips to Residential Contractors

Lutron’s Web site now hosts a selection of how-to videos to help residential contractors do their jobs faster and more efficiently. To get a handful of tips on installing Lutron’s wallbox products in the home, residential contractors can visit where they can find a series of short videos featuring installation tips for dimmers, fans, and other controls. Each video is less than a few minutes long and is easily found on the Technical Information page of Lutron’s website. To locate the videos, click on the “Residential Contractor” links under the installation section.

Topics include the following:

  • Tips for a smooth job

  • Four-way circuit refresher

  • Installing multi-location dimmers

  • Labor saver: maestro fan/light controls

  • Labor saver: adding a three-way with maestro wireless

Also on the Technical Information page, contractors can find installation guides for various Lutron products including dimmers, switches, occupancy sensors and fan speed controls. Installation selections are also available for entire-room controls, whole-room controls, building switching systems, total building controls, and workplace lighting controls. The videos can be found in the “Installation” section, under “Residential Contractor.” You can also call 1-800-523-9466 for more information on installation procedures.

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