Lutron Offers Online Virtual Lighting Tours

Lutron Electronics is promoting the launch of its educational Web site by offering site visitors a lighting energy analysis at no charge. The site,, provides a single source of information about using EcoSystem in commercial facilities for the architectural, design, construction and building management industries. It provides educational and tactical information on lighting control systems, daylighting and products that can be immediately applied to commercial building projects.

Visitors can find information on how a lighting control system works, what the products and technologies are that make up an effective lighting control system, and why lighting control is a financially important decision for the project. Users choose their own path for obtaining the most pertinent information for their role in the commercial building project.

In addition, visitors will experience EcoSystem in action through a simulated 24-hour office lighting environment, demonstrating the features and benefits of strategies like daylight harvesting, occupant sensing and manual and personal control.

“With energy-efficiency and stricter building codes and guidelines shaping the industry around high-performance design, we realized the need to arm professionals with a greater understanding of the role that lighting controls play in commercial building projects,” said Rick Schuett with Lutron Electronics.                EC




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