Lutron Lights up New Education Centers

Lutron Electronics has opened a Customer Experience and Education Center at its headquarters in Coopersburg, Pa.

Designed to give visitors a first-hand lighting control experience in a home-like or business setting, the Customer Experience Center is the company’s third. Similar facilities exist in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and Plantation, Fla. A fourth center, located in Orange County, Calif., is scheduled to open in 2007.

This center will educate customers and allow them to personally test the product.

“Looking at product brochures and videos is great, but surrounding yourself with the product and experiencing it leaves nothing to the imagination,” said Kathie Leslie, director of employee relations and education.

The Customer Experience Center encompasses 4,000 square feet of space and contains numerous vignettes representing rooms in a home: kitchen, family room, foyer, master bedroom, master bathroom, patio, gallery and home theater. The center includes a variety of Lutron products, from single-light dimmers to whole-home lighting control and shading systems

The Customer Education Center encompasses 10,000 square-feet of space and includes four state-of-the-art classrooms, each featuring a different Lutron system that can host a total of 120 people. It will be a global host to Lutron customers, including electrical contractors, residential systems providers, lighting showroom employees, architects, interior designers and window system providers.

The Customer Education Center serves as a training facility for all Lutron customers, whether they are residentially or commercially focused.

To view training course descriptions and schedules, visit         EC



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