ITC Offers Application and Industry Specific Training

Flir Systems Inc announced the courses being offered during the second half of 2008 by its Infrared Training Center (ITC) in Billerica, Mass.

“Getting training from qualified, experienced thermography professionals is crucial to getting the most out of infrared technology,” said Robert Madding, Infrared Training Center director, FLIR Systems. “For more than 25 years, the ITC has combined theory with real-world hands-on workshops, and it continues to evolve as our students’ needs change and industry finds more and more uses for thermography.”

The ITC offers entry-level and advanced infrared training and certification and a variety of courses that offer application and industry-specific training. Courses focus on thermography applications, including building science, electrical system monitoring, roofing, research and development, gas leak detection, maintenance condition monitoring, and report generating software.

Classes are kept small to ensure access to FLIR’s expert staff and research labs. For additional information on courses and certifications or to register online, visit

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