Introducing ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Reader Connect

Many of you are familiar with the Reader Service & Renewal Cards in the magazine; however, there's no longer a need to fill out the clunky "bingo cards." We're switching over to a new service here on called ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Reader Connect at You can now get the same information about the companies, products and services you've always been able to get, but now, it's easier, faster and more private.

With Reader Connect, you can now point and click on the items and services that interest you. Find the manufacturer's name, and you will be immediately taken to their Web site. And you'll feel comfortable knowing you're in the right place. Also, Reader Connect is more private, as there's no need to give any information about yourself. Don't want to give out your address? No problem. You'd rather keep your phone number to yourself? Of course! Reader Connect keeps the interaction between you and the manufacturer. We just introduce you two.

Give it a shot. We think you'll find it's much more convenient that that old "bingo card" you have to tear out of the magazine and then walk out to the mailbox. In fact, feel free to kick your shoes off. Go ahead. You deserve it.

-Staff of



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