Honeywell Awarded for Flexing its Power

Honeywell announced that it received an award from Flex Your Power, California’s statewide energy-efficiency campaign. The award is for the company’s Cool Control Plus program, which has reduced electricity consumption for hundreds of small hotels and motels throughout the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) service area in northern and central California.

To date, the program has cut energy use by more than 25 million kilowatt-hours (kWh). According to PG&E, that’s enough energy to light the Golden Gate Bridge for more than 50 years. Over the lifecycle of the measures installed, Honeywell expects to achieve energy savings of more than 375 million kWh.

Launched in 2006 and funded by PG&E, Cool Control Plus provides lodging owners with free, energy-saving retrofits. Honeywell works with participating hotels and motels to install comprehensive energy-efficiency measures, including occupancy sensors to reduce the use of air-conditioning and heating equipment when rooms are empty. Cool Control Plus is cutting consumption by 1,150 gross kWh per room per year on average. As a result, hotel and motel owners can save up to $170 per room annually.

Honeywell also replaces outdated interior and exterior lighting fixtures with high-efficiency lamps and installs energy-saving technology on cold drink vending machines to curb the energy consumption of refrigeration equipment.

“Many hotel and motel owners operate on shoestring budgets and have not had the capital or staff to participate in energy-efficiency programs,” said Paul Orzeske, president of Honeywell Building Solutions, part of the Automation and Control Solutions business group. “Cool Control Plus removes these barriers, so they can improve their efficiency and lower their utility bills.”

The company has retrofitted more than 27,000 rooms under the program. And these upgrades have helped cut annual carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 39 million pounds.

Flex Your Power chose 15 award--winners in the energy-efficiency category from several hundred applicants. More than 45 organizations were recognized overall.

“The awards present an opportunity for California to congratulate the leadership shown by this year’s winners, who have demonstrated that we can all save money and the environment,” said Walter McGuire, director of Flex Your Power. “By reducing their energy use, this year’s Flex Your Power award winners have saved more than $227 million, 1.5 billion kilowatt-hours, 122 billion gallons of water, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 1.3 billion pounds.”

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