Guarantee Electrical Ensures Power to Schools

Guarantee Electrical, St. Louis, completed electrical work on kitchen remodels at four elementary schools in the St. Louis-based Ladue School District. Guarantee also provided electrical construction for the addition of a library and new classrooms at Conway, Reed, Old Bonhomme and Spoede elementary schools.

The new construction includes a 7,000-square-foot addition at Spoede to replace the school’s current library; a 7,000-square-foot addition at Conway; an 11,000-square-foot addition at Old Bonhomme; and a new elevator at Reed. The existing library at Spoede is being renovated into four classrooms.

The project includes high-end lighting fixtures and electrical rollup shades for the new classrooms and library to reduce glare and provide more uniform lighting. Guarantee is replacing electrical wiring, circuitry and systems; adding new light fixtures; revising existing circuitry; and installing new electrical feeds for the planned additions and renovations. Guarantee also is installing voice/data and low-voltage systems on the project.

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