Guarantee Electrical Advances Data Center for Healthcare Company

Guarantee Electrical Co. and a St. Louis-based construction team are advancing a 42,500-square-foot Tier III data center in Washington, Mo., for owner Sisters of Mercy Health System. Construction on the data center is slated for completion in December 2009, with facility commissioning to be finished by August 2010. The data center, valued at approximately $60 million, will serve 19 acute care hospitals with 4,000 beds, two heart hospitals, a managed care plan (Mercy Health Plans), physician offices and various healthcare facilities in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

Guarantee is serving as design/build electrical contractor, joining general contractor SM Wilson & Co. and design/build mechanical contractor C&R Mechanical Co.

“The data center will have capacity for more than 1,200 blade chassis servers in full cabinet configurations,” said Steven Briesacher, Guarantee senior project manager.

Mercy Health System is investing in the data center to advance its goal of having all patient medical records—-diagnostics, therapies, outcomes, etc.—filed electronically. After the Washington facility is commissioned, a data center in St. Louis will provide remote data archiving and restoration support.

A primary factor in selecting the Washington site was access to and availability of electrical power. Prior to the start of construction, Guarantee and the team helped Mercy resolve issues related to power, namely the distance of redundant power and the cost of getting it and other utilities to the site.

Guarantee’s electrical design is scalable, decreasing the need for upfront investment. Initially, the center will have a capacity of four 1 megawatt, 416/240-volt N+1 modular uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, each expandable to 1.6 MW in 200 kilowatt segments as the load grows. To achieve further savings, each UPS links to a 416/240V unit sub that serves the data center by way of remote power panels located in data center racking.

Guarantee also focused on maximizing energy efficiency without compromising functionality. A Web-based building management system controls interior and exterior lighting designed to ASHRAE 90.1 2004 standards. Also, all mechanical motors are high-efficiency with variable speed drives.

The center carries a finish specification of 368 watts per square foot of raised floor area. Upon opening, it will have a 35 kilovolt (kV) customer substation with dual 7 megavolt-amperes (MVA) 12.47 kV secondary transformers that are expandable to 14 MVA, with transmission and delivery rates at transmission-grade level to enable it to support next-generation, high-density systems.

Sisters of Mercy Health System is the ninth-largest Catholic healthcare system in the United States based on net patient service revenue. More than 31,000 professionals and 4,600 physicians are employed or practice at Mercy facilities.

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