Gexpro, PODS to Begin Contractor Service

Gexpro, Shelton, Conn., in alliance with PODS Enterprises Inc., Clearwater, Fla., now offers contractors an inventory and storage solution for their large construction projects. This storage solution means that contractors will now be able to have their own Gexpro “warehouse” on the construction site itself.

“In addition to our other services, we can now provide contractors a controlled, secure storage environment right on the construction site itself,” said Eric Packer, president, Rocky Mountain Division.

Contractors anywhere in the United States can submit a request or list for construction materials at a local Gexpro branch. Gexpro orders the Portable On Demand Storage (PODS) container(s), gathers the materials and outfits the modular units with racks for materials stocking. Then, PODS delivers the fully loaded container to the construction site.

In addition, if materials ever need to be replenished during the project, Gexpro will bring new supplies to the site and restock the PODS container. When the construction project is finished, Gexpro has PODS remove the units from the job site.

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