Get Your Rebates While You Can!

Solar power provides electricity generation for Fred Schuld's ice making business in Roxbury, New Jersey; according to the Daily Record, the business, which also is Schuld's home, employs 85 solar panels that has reduced his typical electric bill to $13,000. Schuld plans to expand the system to generate another 15,000 kilowatts that will cut his annual electric bill by $8,000 to $9,000. The system cost $122,000 to set up, but $72,000 of the cost was paid for by rebates obtained from the state Clean Energy Program.

However, a probe of the Clean Energy Program has reportedly discouraged some residents from installing solar systems because of fears that the rebate program could be canceled. A report conducted by the state treasury department reported that the Clean Energy Office did not keep adequate records regarding the program and provided grants to people who had worked for the New Jersey Bureau of Public Utilities.        EC

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