GE Sponsors Contractor Rewards

Bright yellow, uniquely coded labels, as many as 8 million of them this year alone, are appearing on cartons at job sites everywhere. They are part of Contractor Rewards, an industry-wide loyalty program that offers electricians, trade contractors, builders and remodelers points for purchasing sponsor items, including specified GE products.

“We expect the program will also help our authorized distributors and retailers to obtain new customers by generating demand for GE products and also boost business from existing customers by cross-selling other products that they have in stock,” said Kate Johnston, marketing manager, GE Electrical Distribution, Cleveland.

Participants deposit points by peeling off the yellow label on the carton and entering its code online.

Unlike other programs, points the contractor obtains from all sponsors will accumulate in a single account. The contractor can then use these points to shop online for any of more than 17,000 personal and business rewards, which include everything from electronics to laptops to contractor-grade tools.

Every two weeks, the contractor will receive ExtraPoints eNewsletter containing information about the program, updates on sponsors and products in the program, and special promotions.

Contractor Rewards is open to trade contractors, including electricians, builders and remodelers. The program is currently limited to the United States and U.S. territories.

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