GE Presents Position on Counterfeits

Gary Arnott, general manager of North America Lighting and Industrial Sales at GE, wrote an open letter addressed to consumer and industrial authorized distributors, discussing the company’s position on counterfeit electrical products.

Arnott states in the letter that electrical products acquired from sources that cannot guarantee the genuine quality of the products is a problem, and this represents “one of the most challenging and difficult periods faced by our country and the electrical industry.”

“Based on various economic forecasts, we anticipate that 2010 will offer similar challenges,” Arnott writes. “Because of these pressures, we are now seeing some GE electrical distributors procuring circuit breakers and other electrical products from sources other than GE—with no assurances that the products they are reselling to their customers are new and genuine GE products.”

In the letter, Arnott expresses three immediate concerns about such products. First, Arnott raises the point that if you purchase branded products from unreliable sources, you have no assurance the product you are buying is genuine, leaving your firm open to liability. Second, those who sell branded products that are not genuine do so without the support of a manufacturer warranty. Finally, when a firm purchases counterfeit electrical products, it harms the manufacturer of which those products are falsely branded. When manufacturers lose profits, they lose their ability to invest in new products that help support their customers.

In the letter, Arnott outlines various steps GE is taking to battle counterfeit electrical products. These steps should not affect GE’s customers in a negative way.

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