FLIR Systems' Infrared Training Center Adds New Courses

FLIR Systems Inc. has expanded its 2007 offerings for the fully certified infrared training courses offered by its dedicated Infrared Training Center (ITC). Keeping up to date with the latest in technology and market trends, the ITC has added new courses to its schedule, including RTools for SC6000/4000 and IR Thermography for Weatherization. It will offer courses at its headquarters in North Billerica, Mass., and in cities throughout the United States and Canada.

The ITC also sponsors the InfraMation conference held Oct. 15–19, 2007, in Las Vegas. The event features user-led presentations on infrared applications, practical “how-to” infrared clinics, panel discussions moderated by infrared experts, networking opportunities with industry leaders, and relevant exhibits. To register, visit, or call 800.254.0632.

Students may access the 2007 schedule and register for 2007 training courses held in the United States on the ITC’s Web site at or by calling Martha Wouralis at 800.254.0630. For information about courses in Canada, call Nancy Edwards at 800.613.0507, ext. 24. EC

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