Extech Instruments Announces Sales Agreement to FLIR Systems

Extech Instruments, a supplier of test and measurement equipment and portable receipt printers, announced the sale of the majority of stock to FLIR Systems Inc., the thermal imaging and stabilized camera systems manufacturer. Jerry Blakeley, Extech’s president and owner, is looking at the sale as a positive situation for everyone involved.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Extech, our customers, our distributors and our employees,” Blakeley said. “This acquisition will create new opportunities in distribution, product development and branding, which will extend and strengthen Extech’s position in competitive markets.”

With this agreement, Extech will continue to function as its own entity, and all jobs and personnel will remain unchanged. However, Extech’s product portfolio will increase, bringing the addition of thermal imagers and infrared (IR) cameras to the company’s 15 current product categories. Known for its innovative approach to product development, Extech has made ex-tensive use of IR technology for both measurement and communication. Extech holds five patents incorporating IR into measurement instruments and was the first company to introduce a portable printer with IrDA wireless communication.

“I look forward with vigor to enhancing and improving not only our product line, but also the service we provide our customers,” Blakeley said. According to him, you won’t see the Extech name disappear. Instead, you’ll notice it more prominently. EC


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