ESFI Names The Home Depot as the Recipient of 2010 Safety Award for Excellence

The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) named The Home Depot as the recipient of the 2010 Safety Award for Excellence (SAFE), which was presented by the foundation for outstanding efforts in promoting electrical safety.

Bill Hamilton, Electrical Merchandising vice president, accepted the honor on behalf of The Home Depot during the National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s 2010 Illuminations Dinner in Palm Beach, Fla.

ESFI’s SAFE award recognizes utilities, manufacturers, distributors, associations, agencies, nonprofit associations, and other industry-related organizations for active and sustained efforts in support of ESFI’s mission to improve electrical safety awareness.

“Relationships with industry organizations play a vital role in expanding the reach of ESFI’s safety messages,” said Brett Brenner, ESFI president. “The commitment of The Home Depot to electrical safety demonstrates their genuine concern for the safety of their employees, customers and communities.”

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