Emcor Group Inc. Employees Wore Pink Hard Hats for Breast Cancer Awareness

Emcor Group Inc., a mechanical and electrical construction company, announced that its Dynalectric Co. of Oregon subsidiary donned pink Emcor hard hats in support of breast cancer screening and awareness. It is part of the company’s “Protect Yourself” campaign.

Dynalectric employees wore their pink Emcor hard hats as they worked through October in order to commemorate breast cancer awareness month. Among others, Dynalectric is rallying behind Mary Schwarzenberger, who is currently fighting breast cancer. She is the wife of Dynalectric’s CFO, Peter Schwarzenberger.

“Cancer touches everyone in some way, and this effort matters to so many people,” Mary Schwarzenberger said. “When people see these Emcor pink hard hats on the workers during the day, and when they go home at night and their spouses see their pink hard hats, it will hopefully cause people to think to ‘protect yourself.’”

The October campaign extended to many of Emcor’s 76 subsidiaries in the United States as well as its U.K. subsidiary.

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