Electrical Contractor Magazine Names 2011 NECA Showstoppers

Electrical Contractor magazine recognized 20 new products featured at the 2011 NECA Convention and Trade Show in San Diego. Judged by a panel of electrical contractors, Electrical Contractor's annual Showstoppers recognize the most innovative products and systems in the electrical industry.

"We're continually amazed by the ingenuity of the winning technologies," said John Maisel, Electrical Contractor Publisher. "They encourage ongoing industry excellence, promote a competitive spirit and represent the best in emerging technologies."

Displayed at the front of the show hall with blue ribbons, this year's Showstoppers included diverse products, equipment and systems from a range of manufacturers and systems developers. Below are pictures from the in-booth presentations where Electrical Contractor Editor Andrea Klee awarded each Showstopper.

Electrical Contractor magazine congratulates all the 2011 Showstopper award winners. More information about each Showstopper award recipient will be published in the January 2012 issue.

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