Electrical Contractor Launches On the Road Blog


In an effort to keep you, the reader, up-to-date on every facet of the industry, we travel to almost every convention and special event we can, and a large part of going to all of these places and meeting all of those people (when we are fortunate, we meet readers like you) isn't included in the magazine. It's almost tragic how much information can't fit in a 180-page magazine.

When we originally launched this site back in September 2006, we intended the Web Exclusives section of the home page to catch all of the information that we couldn't hold on the pages of Electrical Contractor and S+LSS. The problem we found, however, was there was even more info and material out there that just wasn't right for Web Exclusives either.


Rather than have all of those great experiences and information go down the drain, we have started a more informal online source. It's called On the Road with Electrical Contractor and S+LSS. There, Editor Andrea Klee describes the things she sees and encounters on the road that she thinks you should know about. Currently, she is at Electric West.


So if you didn't make it to that trade show or special event, it's highly likely we did. Check www.electricalcontractortravelblog.blogspot.com on a regular basis to see where we've been and where we're going.



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