ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR To Host Webinar for the Anti-Counterfeit Products Intiative

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR and TED magazines are hosting a free, one-hour Webinar on counterfeit electrical products on April 14, 2009, at noon, EDT. Registration is free. You may register here.

Counterfeit electrical products are a $20 billion-per-year crime against our industry. Counterfeits have infiltrated virtually every product type you install. They directly affect the safety and lives of your workers, your customers, and their property and can seriously threaten the financial existence of your business.

We have assembled a panel of leading experts with practical experience fighting this crime. Panelists are from UL, Schneider Electric/Square D, Siemens Energy and Automation, and NEMA, and will discuss the size and scope of this crime, how it affects you as an electrical contractor, how to educate your workers to identify counterfeits, and how you can help in the fight to stop this growing crime.

The panel also will alert you to and address the serious issue of your legal liability that can damage or destroy your hard earned successful business, even if you think you did nothing wrong.

Please register, and plan to join us on April 14. Registration is Free. All you need is access to an Internet-connected computer and a phone. There will be time for you to question the panel. For those who cannot make the April 14 time frame, all registrants also will be able to view the session in our online archives, but you must be registered to do so.

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