Electric Companies Earn 2008 Energy Star Awards

The US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy have presented 11 shareholder-owned electric power companies with Energy Star awards for 2008 in recognition of their outstanding contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency.

The electric companies won their awards for their long-term commitment to the Energy Star program, for being an outstanding Energy Star partner of the year and for their exceptional efforts in promoting Energy Star-rated homes and products.

“Energy efficiency gives the electric power industry a tool to produce significant and immediate benefits for the environment, the customer and the industry,” said Thomas R. Kuhn, president of Edison Electric Institute. “And promoting it aggressively gives us a bridge to the future. The 2008 Energy Star winning companies exemplify the significant progress the electric power industry is making in moving the industry and the nation toward that future.”

The 2008 Energy Star Award-winning electric companies are listed below.

Energy Star was introduced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 1992 as a voluntary, market-based partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through increased energy efficiency. Currently, more than 12,000 organizations are Energy Star partners committed to improving the energy efficiency of products, homes, buildings and businesses.

For more details about the 2008 Energy Star awards program, visit www.energystar.gov.

Sustained Excellence

CenterPoint Energy

Northeast Energy Star Products

Initiative (National Grid, NSTAR

Electric, Northeast Utilities)

Nevada Energy Star Partners

(Nevada Power)

Oncor Electric Delivery

Southern California Edison

Partner of the Year

Arizona Public Service

The Joint Management Committee representing Massachusetts

New Homes with Energy Star (National Grid, NSTAR Electric, Northeast Utilities)

National Grid

Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

Excellence for Energy Star Promotion

Georgia Power

Nevada Power and

Sierra Pacific Power

Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

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