Dupont Announces 'Dirty Work' Photo Contest

DuPont Protection Technologies announced the launch of the second annual DuPont Tyvek Dirty Work Photo Contest. The online contest runs through Sept. 30, 2012, and is open to industrial workers throughout North America.

“Every day, millions of workers throughout North America get themselves dirty as they work on some of industry’s messiest jobs, particularly in oil and gas, environment and automotive,” said Dave Kee, North America marketing manager, Industrial Protective Apparel—DuPont Protection Technologies. “This is our tribute to the many people who use DuPont Tyvek protective apparel to keep safe and clean while doing their jobs.”

Entrants should submit original photos of themselves wearing a DuPont Tyvek garment after completing their “dirty work.” Entries will be judged on a wide range of criteria from the use of the garment, creativity, safety and how well the garments are portrayed in the photos.

The contest features a grand prize, first and second place prizes and a monthly random drawing for qualified entries. To register online, visit

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