Data Center University Adds Certification

American Power Conversion (APC) announced its Data Center University (DCU) online curriculum now offers an associate certification, an international, vendor-neutral credential that recognizes foundational knowledge in data center infrastructure, including power, cooling, racks, cabling, fire protection, management and physical security. The DCU associate certification provides the IT industry with a global standard for measuring competency in the core elements of a data center.

A recent survey conducted by AFCOM’s Data Center Institute (DCI) indicates by the year 2015, the number of qualified senior-level data center professionals will have diminished by 45 percent. As the talent pool decreases and the demand for these professionals grows, certifications will offer the assurance that individuals have the knowledge, skills and the ability to successfully implement data center solutions.

Certification is awarded to those passing an exam of approximately 75 conventional test questions administered by Thomson Prometric testing centers, the leading international testing provider. It is recommended, but not mandatory, that candidates complete the DCU Associate Certification e-learning curriculum that consists of 14 online courses covering a variety of data center subjects.

To learn more about APC’s Data Center University Associate Certification, visit or call APC at 800.877.4080.         EC




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