Contractors and Utility Team Up

Con Edison residential customers will save energy and money with new financial incentives for energy-efficiency home improvements through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s Home Performance with Energy Star program.

Customers save on the initial costs of home improvements with financing as low as 1.99 percent or up to 25 percent cash back. The improvements through the program will allow customers to reduce energy bills up to 40 percent.

The first step customers can take toward making energy-efficiency improvements is to schedule a comprehensive home assessment with a Building Performance Institute accredited home performance contractor.

The contractor tests the home and identifies where energy-efficiency improvements can be made by evaluating heating and cooling equipment, insulation levels and air leakage.

Homeowners will receive a full report detailing recommended improvements, the cost of making those improvements, and available financial incentives. The contractor also will estimate monthly savings on energy bills as well as the length of time each improvement will take to pay for itself. The assessment will provide information on the most cost-effective energy improvements and the homeowner can choose which improvements to make. When the contractor has completed all the energy-efficiency upgrades, the home will be tested again to verify that the projected energy savings are actually occurring.

Additional incentives are available to income-qualified customers through NYSERDA’s Assisted Home Performance with Energy Star program, which covers up to 50 percent of the costs associated with making energy-efficiency improvements, up to $5,000 per household and $10,000 for a two- to four-family building.

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