ConEst Announces Integration with DraftLogic Electrical

ConEst Software Systems, developer of estimating and construction management software for the electrical, data and structured cabling industries, announced the integration of its flagship estimating software, IntelliBid, with DraftLogic Electrical to offer complete building electrical systems design, takeoff and estimating.

Version 7 of ConEst IntelliBid estimating software is the first version to include integration with DraftLogic Electrical. According to ConEst, the software will help users complete both electrical design and estimating work 14 times faster than using traditional design and estimating methods. All devices, feeders and branch circuit wiring determined during DraftLogic Electrical’s design process are then transferred into ConEst IntelliBid’s count sheets where the estimator can then quickly perform the final step to go from complete electrical design to complete estimate without counting or measuring.

“We are extremely excited at the opportunity to team up with DraftLogic and to announce the integration of our latest release of IntelliBid, version 7, with DraftLogic Electrical,” said George Hague, president and CEO of ConEst. Hague went on to claim the integration is "ground breaking, revolutionary and game-changing technology that promises to dramatically change the way contractors design electrical projects and generate their bids.”

The real benefit in the integration, however, seems to be the concept that users can do their work in DraftLogic Electrical and then send all elements of an electrical design into ConEst IntelliBid's count sheets, bridging the gap between the two programs and streamlining the process. For example, luminaires, receptacles and motors are integrated directly into IntelliBid’s count sheets, complete with all associated detail.

“Since seeing is believing," said Gerry Stebnicki, President of DraftLogic Inc., "come to for links to our YouTube videos or to get the login information for our next free WebEx demonstration and discover how to achieve unprecedented productivity.”

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