Company Helps Watkins Glen Race Toward Greener Energy

Watkins Glen International (WGI), one of the nation’s most historic auto racing tracks, signed a contract with Juice Energy to become the first U.S. motorsports facility to use renewable energy to fulfill all of its energy needs. WGI has purchased 1.03 million kilowatt-hours of Green-e certified renewable energy credits (RECs), which is equal to 100 percent of its projected energy use. Juice Energy Inc. helped facilitate the purchase and arranged for WGI to be powered by wind turbines from across the United States. The agreement with Juice Energy will guarantee the use of green energy at WGI for the next three years.

“We’re going to enjoy savings on electricity and take a major step forward in our plan to become a greener track,” said Craig Rust, president of Watkins Glen International.

Juice Energy is a New York-based electricity supplier that creates custom solutions to help their clients purchase renewable energy at the lowest possible cost. Juice normally uses solar and wind energy for its clients. The purchase that Juice facilitated for WGI will prevent the production of 804 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

“Millions of people have enjoyed races at [Watkins] Glen over the past 60 years,” said Brian Hayduk, president and co-founder of Juice Energy Inc. “We’re truly excited about our new involvement with them and look forward to helping them make a positive impact on our environment.”

The first race on the newly green Watkins Glen was with the IndyCar Series. Coincidentally, the IndyCar Series was the first to go green with the use of 100 percent fuel-grade ethanol.

“The IndyCar Series brand attributes are speed technology and innovation, diversity, and green, so you can see what a perfectly consistent fit it is to have Watkins Glen embrace renewable energy,” said Terry Angstadt of the IndyCar Series.

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