Collegiate Getting Fresh-Squeezed Energy

The Collegiate School in New York has partnered with Juice Energy Inc. to decisively reduce its carbon footprint. Beginning in mid-February, the school began purchasing green power equal to its total usage of 639,000 kilowatt-hours annually. This green power takes the form of Green-e certified renewable energy credits supplied by wind farms in the western United States.

As one of many initiatives of the school’s Collegiate with the Environment Naturally in Check (CENIC) student-led environmental group, this action will prevent 385 metric tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere, equivalent to taking more than 51 average American homes off of the electric grid.

“Designing customized financial and green power solutions for schools and universities is an important part of the work we do,” said Deirdre Lord, co-founder and COO of Juice Energy. “Companies come to us because our value proposition is different from anything else that is available in the electricity marketplace. Our business model is based on complete transparency. As a result of superior rate structures and market access, we can drive electricity costs down, freeing up funding to purchase green power.”

“It is particularly exciting that CENIC, the student environmental organization, inspired the school to work with Juice,” Lord said.

“Juice helped us to understand the complexities of electricity and green power markets. They provide a completely innovative approach to buying traditional and green energy,” said Mark Gordon, plant director at Collegiate.

The group has reached out to peer schools, organizing a coalition of environmental clubs from six other schools that meets regularly. As a result of CENIC’s actions, Collegiate plans to continue working toward the goal of being 100 percent green.



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